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July 17, 2012

4 Years Since Surgery!



Can you believe it's been 4 years since my surgery?!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you recommend your Doctor?
My doctor is Dr. Myron Wolf. His website contains other answers :

2. How much does it cost for Toe Shortening Surgery?
The insurance covered my surgery so I do not have the exact price. My surgery was not considered "cosmetic" because I was actually walking on my toe nails. The doctor said within a year my feet were getting worse and eventually i would be getting infections from walking on them so much.

3. How do your toes feel today?
Today my toes feel great! The only thing I would complain about is how they are "stiff" because of the inability of bending them. I recommend if you go through with this procedure to go see a physical therapist post surgery!

4. When did you start walking normally? Is it hard to walk? When did you start running?
-I went on the Odyssey boat downtown Chicago about 5-6 weeks post surgery. I had crutches but was able to walk normally without them.
-It wasn't hard to walk but I was very cautious.
-I ran for the first time during orientation for college at the end of August (little more than a month from surgery).
-I also tried out for the dance team in December so I was able to dance and jump on my feet.

5. Are you able to wear heels? What shoes did you wear?
-First time I wore heels after my surgery was for a wedding in September. They hurt so i switched to flip flops. Today, I can wear heels no problem!
-I couldn't fit into tennis shoes because my left foot was too swollen. Instead, I wore crocs everything for my college orientation. I remember one boy asking me if I owned another pair of shoes! He's still my friend today =) I started wearing tennis shoes and then eventually boots for the winter time and then flip flops for spring!

6. When did the swelling go down?
To be honest, I don't remember exactly when the swelling went down because i looked at my feet everyday. Looking back on the post "1 year and 1 month" after surgery, I could tell from the pictures that the swelling went down. Once in a while, if i walk far or it's hot, humid outside, my toes do swell but they never stay swollen.

7. Do you ever experience pain of your feet?
I do not experience pain on my feet at all.

8. Do you walk differently prior to surgery?
I do not walk differently at all from surgery =)

9. Does it bother you a great deal that you can't bend your toes? Do your toes get stiff from the inability to bend them? Can you wiggle or move them otherwise?
My toes DO bend from the main join but they do not bend from the upper toe joint. For example, I used to grab a pencil with my toes and now my toes do not wrap around the pencil to lift. To be honest, it doesn't bother me. I do spend time bending them from the upper joints. I recommend you go to a physical therapist to make sure this doesn't happen to you. Besides bending my toes, everything else is normal! and I can wiggle them normally!

10. Is there anything that you can't do besides bend your toes since the procedure?

11. how painful was the surgery during and after?
I was put to sleep during but after if you read the posts right after the surgery i did have pain but that was only because my toes were "turning" they eventually set and it was fine. Another time i had pain was when he pulled the pins out! I think they use another technique now instead of using pins!

12. What procedures did you get done?
I had bunion surgery on my left foot. I had toe straightening and shortening on 3 toes on each foot. (2nd toe to 4th toe) and I fixed my pinkie toe (straightening it out) on my left foot.


If you have any other questions, feel free to post a comment. I'm willing to answer any questions!

Thanks for reading!!!!

June 9, 2011

3 Years Since Surgery

July 17th will be 3 years since my surgery

Here's the latest picture of my new feet. I love them and I'm still very happy about the procedure.

April 22, 2010

1 Year and 9 Months Since Surgery!

I wanted to show off my new color for spring =)
PURPLE (plus toe ring&ankle bracelet)!

I appreciate everyone commenting on my blog!
I adore my feet and I hope if you go through with the procedure, you love your feet as much as I do! Thank you!

August 14, 2009

1 year 1 month since surgery!

1 Year and 1 Month Since Surgery!!

January 21, 2009

Final Post

my feet in Mexico. i love them.

October 20, 2008

96 days since my surgery

After 96 days... I couldn't be happier with my new feet. They are beautiful! The toes are obviously shorter than before. I had two pedicures and I love how they look and feel! I bought new high heels yesterday and I will post a picture of my feet in my new heels!

Here is the most recent picture of my feet...

first pedicure

Left Foot Before
Left foot AFTER 
(2nd toe SLIGHTLY turned)

Right Foot Before
Right Foot after (with Bunion scar)


Feet in Heels:

September 9, 2008

three weeks of college... ( 49 days since the surgery)

My feet are getting better everyday =) but still very swollen.

Here are new pictures:



August 27, 2008

First Week at College !!

For the past week, I have been very careful what i do or walk to on my feet. The weather is changing and my feet have been very achy and swollen!

For the first 4 days of orientation.. every day we had times to go to certain activities. The first day was probably the hardest for me.
I woke up at 8, and then church, met everyone, met my group leaders and the 30 people in my group. then we all went outside and played a bug game with your SHOES OFF.. obviously i couldn't play so i sat out.

The next game was a running game... sat out.. and people were looking at me like I was weird. i felt horrible and embarrassed...

lately my feet have just been swollen, wearing the same 2 shoes! and so every outfit i wear is ugly because my shoes don't match.. but whatever i don't even care anymore..

yesterday was dance try outs.. i couldn't even try out because of my feet. and i heard they only take 12 girls. so my next door neighbor made it, i heard she was good....

today my whole family is coming to see me and we're going out for lunch


August 20, 2008


Today i moved into college!!! YAY ME!

I love it here but the only problem are my feet =(

Today was a very long day!!

8am woke up. showered, arrived at my school at 9, unpacked, then breakfast, then group meetings, walking, and playing games..

and three of the games we played were either baseball, running, or taking ur shoes off... (obviously i couldn't participate)

but i had fun watching....

the net few days are going to be long.

August 18, 2008

32 days since my surgery

32 days since my surgery
today I'm going to the Sox game with my family!!!

August 17, 2008

Downtown with my feet

Today i went downtown with my family to watch the air&water show on the odyssey boat. i had a lot of fun! so many people were there i was scared someone was going to step on my feet, so i took my crutches so people would not come close to me (even though i don't need them)

tomorrow i go to the Sox game with my family grandma and boyfriend.. cant wait!!!
(my feet are getting better everyday)

August 15, 2008

A normal day

The past 4 days I have been walking with normal shoes. I went shopping yesterday trying to find tennis shoes that fit me (especially my left foot, it's still very swollen). So i bought Ed Hardy tennis shoes, and i bought crocs that covered my whole foot. The Ed Hardy shoes don't fit my left foot yet.. but I bought them anyways.. because they're so cute =]

I can't join the dance team, or my ballet class because my feet are not ready.

5 more days til i move in for college

August 11, 2008

Normal Feet =)

Today I went to the doctor to have my last pin removed. I feel like a normal person! I walk with normal shoes, or none at all, and I wear socks! The next Check-up I have is next wed. The day I move in for college.

August 7, 2008

New Pictures

The next couple pictures might be disturbing...





My New Feet =)

The 4th toe kept turning as well so they kept trying to tape it in place

My Old Feet

Left Foot Before:

Left Foot After:

Right Foot Before:

Right Foot After:

Old Icky Toes:

SO happy! =)

Yesterday was my 2nd checkup. i went in thinking the worst so when he told me what he thinks i would not be so depressed like last week.

Last Monday, the doctor told me on Wed. he will take X-rays and take my stitches and Pins out. He also said I can wear regular shoes, and shower!

So yesterday was the day I would find out if my toes have healed. The thing that scared me was the my 2nd toe on my Left foot was still turning 2 days before, so would he take the pin out? and if he did... would it turn on me??

After my x-rays, I walked in and sat in the chair. Both of my parents came with me, and waited for the doctor. Little after, He came in and looked at my X-rays. He told me I want to take everything out, BUT it is your choice if you want me to take the pin in 2Nd toe out. My dad asked questions like what are the chances it will move, and what if it doesn't move can we come in earlier.. the doctor said on Monday he will take the one pin out if it's not moving, but if for some reason it hurt me, i can come in on Saturday. So decided to keep the one pin in for another 4 days... at least my right foot would be good.

So he started taking my stitches out, it didn't hurt. He then pulled the first pin out...

It was the most painful pin out of the 5. He told me it would hurt because on the X ray the pin was actually bent in my bones. so when he pulled it out, it felt like my bones were coming with it. the other ones felt like pressure and they all slipped out easily. (i took vicodin too before ;) )

So today I took a shower and I got my right foot wet. It was scarey but I was gentle. and i can walk around with a normal sock and i can walk in normal shoes!

Right Foot ...Gross:

Right Food After Shower:

Pool TIME!!!

August 5, 2008

Tomorrow's the day

Tomorrow I go in for my 2nd check-up. im nervous because i dont think he will take the pins out on my left foot. so i will have them in for another week. just because my 2nd toe is still turning on me.

August 2, 2008

Another day

I went to the doctor again today, so he can rotate my toe again... =/

the past couple days nothing has been going on. my sister came home from school so I'm happy i have someone other than my parents to keep me company everyday.

One of my friends surprised me yesterday with a card that sang to me and a stuffed animal. it was very thoughtful of her!

It is 4:19pm and I'm watching the Sox game!!!

July 30, 2008

doctors again... (13 days)

So yesterday my mom noticed another toe that has turned on me. so this morning we had to go in so the doctor can move it back into place. i took a shower and we left right away. The doctor told me that the toes can move because the bones have not "set" yet, and i totally understood. i realize how major toe shortening surgery really is! He turned the toe back, and it wasn't painful. and i was watching because I'm not scared anymore. and i have learned to love my toes (and the pins =) )

Today I'm very excited my mom went to blockbuster and got me 3 movies and a Wii game!!!

-Hook (captain hook)
-Bee movie
- Wii trivia ( it's really hard questions!!)

Right now I'm going to watch Hook!

talk to you later!!!

July 29, 2008

12 days worst day

Yesterday i went to the doctor for my first check-up. (the other checkup was an emergency). I went in, the doctor unwrapped both feet and i finally saw them!!!! I couldn't believe what i saw. little toes, MY straight little toes!!!! but of course they were very swollen!

I cannot look long cause I do not like seeing the pins sticking out of my toes! (it freaks me out!)

So after the doctor took eveyrthing off , and i looked at them for the first time , i noticed something...on my right foot, the 4th toe, i saw it turned a bit. My mom noticed right it away. The doctor said that it could be very swollen or it moved. I freaked out, I started getting really hot! I got very nervous hearing my toe has moved and was healing in the wrong position!! So I looked at my toe again and I saw the doctor turn my toe back in place. All I felt was pressure!! ughhh then the worst part. he told me another 10 days like this until he takes the pins out and i could walk in tennis shoes.

Later on this day and today I feel pain.

So today my mom checked that the one toe was sticking straight up and not turned again. She said this toe was perfect. My mom noticed another toe, (of course...)on my left foot, my 2nd toe was turned in too! (not as much as my right foot but it is turned slightly)... so she called the doctor and I'm still waiting for the call...

why do i have to be stuck with this???

now i cannot walk, and i feel pain!

Next Wednesday the doctor will take the pins out and i can finally walk in tennis shoes!!!

i will go crazy!!!! especially if my toes don't come out straight.

July 26, 2008

borrreddd (9th day)

today i did nothing... like every day. i watch 2 movies; becoming jane, which i loved but made me cry in the ending, and i watched my best friends wedding.

my mom saw me going a lil crazy so she took me out for ice cream at mcdonalds. we were there for about half an hour. so now im home watching the sox game and watching another movie.. peter pan.

im bored and im going crazy, im missing all my friends partys and the grad partys. i miss going out, showering standing up. walking and just being ME

July 25, 2008


for the past 2 days my right foot has been killing me. it feels like a sharp knife is digging into my toes! i cant sleep or relax. so today my dad called the doctor and they told me i could come in today at 1.

when i was there . She unwrapped them and found out why i was feeling this pain. i guess i have irritated skin by my third toe. so she put some oil on it to calm it down and wrapped it up for me again.

i couldn't' look at them because i cant stand looking at the pins in my toes and the blood on my toes. plus id rather see them when they are all finished!! i was just too nervous!!

but my mom took a picture of them when the doctor wasn't in the room. and i saw the picture later on in the car ride home. i really like how they look and i cannot wait to wear flip flops!!!

July 24, 2008

one week

it has been 7 days since my surgery. im going crazy. i cant stand laying around! i need to do something!!!

my uncle is going to a car show tonight. i might go so i can go out. i cannot stay in!

my grandma came over today and watched a movie i just watched 2 days ago. so it seemed longg!

my boyfriend came over again and my mom went shopping all day. she bought me ed hardy flip flops! i love them and i cant wait to wear them!! now im waiting for the sox game to come on!!!

July 23, 2008

worst night

i did not sleep at all last night. my feet actually had pain. and i didn't take any pain killers. and last night was the first night i actually did not take any sleeping pills, Tylenol pm or NyQuil.

i was sick of just waiting and laying in my bed. so i crawled downstairs and im now watching tv... and waiting for the afternoon

July 22, 2008

6th day.. 1 week til the doc

So last night i felt sick.. so of course i had to call my mom in and give me a sleeping pill to calm me down. i finally fell asleep around 3am

i woke up at 1pm.. my mom thought something was wrong with me! but i slept and it felt good! when i woke up i went to my grandmas house for lunch and sat with her and my grandpa all afternoon.

later on 3 of my friends came over to watch my favorite TV show...i was very happy!!

they finally all left by 11ish and I'm lying in bed. hyper.. not tired.. tonight's gonna be a long night...


July 21, 2008

5th day

i woke up around 9:00ish becasue of the big thunderstorm that was hitting us! but i crawled downstairs and ifeel asleep until now. i havent been sleeping so finally i actually took a nap. i feel much better but im still very tired! today im taking another shower. and hopefully my friend will stop by

July 20, 2008

3rd night

Last night my mom, dad, and sister left me to go see the new batman movie! so 3 hours by myself?? i couldn't' wait! but all of a sudden i started feeling sick so i had to calm myself down.

i called my grandparents over and they watched the Sox game with me. they took care of me and they left and 5 min. later my parents came home. i had a little but to eat. and then i got ready for bed. my dad gave me another sleeping pill and i hope i don't get attached to it because lately i cannot sleep without the sleeping pill.

today my mom wants to take me out! so i think I'm going to target and at target they have wheelchairs... i just hope no one stares at me!!

July 19, 2008


PICTURES.... finally!!

Feet Before ...ICK!:


Bandages #2:


Shoes #2:

2nd night...

last night.. my 4th toe hurt again! i couldn't even sleep. i was exhausted and all night i kept waking up. plus it was thunder storming outside so i couldn't even sleep. i woke up every hour and my toes were hurting me that i forced myself to fall back asleep.

i finally woke up around 9:30 this morning and my mom came in and told me to come downstairs. she gave me my crutches and walked downstairs. because I'm so weak and tired i hurt my big toe because i leaned right on it. it hurt so bad i had a tear in my eye! i couldn't even walk so i had to call her back upstairs and she had to help me sit down so i can just scoot to the bathroom.

my dad had to carry me downstairs. and I'm now coloring, online, and watching Jerry McGuire. later on ill take a shower... i cant wait!!

July 18, 2008

2nd day

today was an easy day. i barely had any pain. the 3rd or 4th toe on my left foot was the only pain i actually had. it felt like a knife was digging into my toe. it hurt a lot so i took 2 of my pain killers!

in the afternoon, my boyfriend stopped by again then i relaxed until the evening.

later on my grandparents, uncle aunt and two cousins stopped by. at dinner had dessert and watched the sox game.. GO SOX! i scooted around a lot. after my family left, my cousin stayed behind and talked to me and my mom. i really felt like i was part of the gossip and i really liked it! i really like my cousin.. she's funny!!!

well here goes my 2nd night! goodnight!!

first night =(

so last night i was blessed with no pain. but of course something went wrong and i couldn't fall asleep! everything i did. my room was steaming hot, my pillows were hot everything. so i couldn't sleep. it was around 3am and finally my mom came in to check on me.. i was relieved!

she helped me to the bathroom, then my dad gave me a sleeping pill.. i then slept til 11am

this morning i woke up with pain..i think it was from all the walking i did the day before. So my sister helped me down the stairs and I'm in my family room watching TV. while my feet hurt. my mom gave me two pills so they will stop hurting.. they haven't kicked in yet

July 17, 2008

after surgery

its 11:13pm.

so when i arrived at the hospital, me and my mom went upstairs and signed in. we sat in chairs waited for my name to be called and waited for my dad to park the car and find us. i brought my laptop so my mom could check her emails.

they called my name finally and i walked back into this room. the nurse closed the curtain and told me to change into this robe.. nothing underneath, not gonna lie i was pretty nervous! i took a pregnancy test so i had to urinate in a cup, i was so nervous i didn't think i had enough for the nurse!

i waited in the room and finally two nurses came in. they laid my down on the bed and asked me questions. one nurse talked to me about my feet and the other was injecting me with a needle for my iv. it hurt!i hated it! then the anesthesiologist cane in and he talked to me about what his job was. i wasn't paying attention. i couldn't believe this was all happening! i was laying there the nurses left and my parents walked in. they stayed with me until the doc was ready for me! they reeled me away and of course i had tears inn my eyes. i was extremely nervous and i just couldn't wait to be over with.

all i remember was laying on the bed with my iv in and they strapped me in.... that's it. next thing i know i was in the waiting room.. not even recovery room. i guess i slept the whole time.. but i Do remember int he recovery room i was freezing and was shaking and they kept giving me warm blankets.. i like them.

int he waiting room my parents came in, of course my dad video taped me! i didn't care i sometimes like when he does that and plus i was so tired i didn't care ha ha. i was in the waiting room sleeping with my parents for about an hour and finally around 3ish i left. i was in the car and i was on my way home.

my boyfriend came over and visited me for about 5 hours. that was very nice of him! My grandparents came over too! my sister came home from college and my dad came home tonight from his business trip. its 11:21 and I'm exhausted..


ill tell you how my first night went =)